Your teen is probably attached at the hip to their electronics. Most teens are. Do you ever wonder what they’re doing online? If they’re safe? Cyberbullying is a growing issue afflicting thousands of teens every year. According to the i-SAFE foundation, 25 percent of teens in the US have experienced bullying over the internet. That’s an outrageous number. However, there are ways you can prevent cyberbullying in teens.

What to look out for

If your teen is constantly on social media, it may be hard to know who they are talking to, what they are talking about, and if it’s something you should even be aware of. Cyberbullying can be easy to spot at times. If your teen is texting or on their computer and they look upset, you should definitely ask them what’s wrong. It could be cyberbullying.


Image source- Flickr user: bookwormlaser

However, sometimes cyberbullying is harder to spot. If your teen is being secretive about their social media/ internet usage, it may be because they are being cyberbullied or are cyberbullying someone else.

Preventative measures to take

Here are some ways you can prevent cyberbullying from happening to your teen:

  • Get them to share all of their passwords with you. Reassure them you will only use this information in the case of an emergency.
  • Download software to monitor their social media usage. There are a bunch of free, or very cheap apps you can use for this.
  • Ask their friends and teachers if they notice anything different about your teen’s behavior.
  • If you do find out your teen is being bullied, make sure they block the bully on social media and texting. This will prevent any future bullying.
  • Establish rules and guidelines for social media use. For example, you may have a cut off time for social media and internet use. You may even take their phone/ computer away right before bedtime to ensure they are not engaging in inappropriate activities while alone in their room.

Seven Stars can help

Seven Stars, a therapeutic program for teens with neurodevelopmental disorders, helps teens work through underlying issues, such as cyberbullying or anger issues.
For more information about Seven Stars, please call 844-601-1167.