Teaching Positivity through Our Positive Psychology Program

In recent years, the mental health industry has altered its diagnostic scope. Instead of focusing solely on the problems at hand to determine diagnoses, mental health experts believe in first understanding the weaknesses, and then focusing on the strategic development of positive health characteristics. This transformative way of thinking, or positive psychology program construct, wholly shapes Seven Stars’ unique teaching model.

Research Driven Results

Utilizing the best evidence-based positive psychology research available today, Seven Stars teaches our students what it means to be looked at in positive ways.

Positive Pyschology

At Seven Stars, everything we do is shaped around positive psychology, a relatively new construct in the mental health industry. Instead of focusing on previous diagnoses and challenges, Seven Stars aims to find students’ strengths and build upon those.

In our positive psychology program, Seven Stars will help your child find their strengths and build upon them through our personalized, strengths-based, mentoring approach.

In a world where parents have too often heard what their child is NOT capable of, we are focused on what your child can do. This does not mean lowering expectations. Instead, with our approach we progressively build the child’s confidence and extend their reach to greater and greater levels of emotional and behavioral success.

Whether through our 30-second gratitude circles (what are you grateful for today?) or reminding students they are an integral part of a bigger whole, our positive psychology program is at the core of Seven Stars.

To learn more about Seven Stars’ positive psychology program, call us today at 844-601-1167.