Meet Our Team

Our team of experts are passionate about helping your family build a healthier and happier future for your child.

Dr. Gordon Day

Executive Clinical Director, Founder

Seven Stars is owned and operated by founder, Dr. Gordon Day, whose presence is felt in every aspect of Seven Stars.
Since 2003, Dr. Gordon Day has passionately helped young people with a wide range of family, emotional, social, neurodevelopmental and behavioral problems. Gordon’s mission has been to help people find their strengths and their own passion for living a full and rewarding life. He is particularly sensitive to the pressures, frustrations and disappointments that adolescents face that can sometimes cause them and their loved ones to want to withdraw and throw their hands up in despair.
Dr. Day knows that you really have to understand where a student is coming from and understand their patterns of strengths and needs. When we truly know an individual and their struggles, only then can we truly help.
Dr. Day has pioneered the use of outdoor therapy activities and outdoor living as a dynamic and effective therapeutic tool for learning, confidence building and skill building. His programs provide effective, supportive and encouraging environments that help students find their strengths and power.

Cami Davis

Director of Operations

Born and raised in Utah, Cami has been in the mental health field for over 18 years. She has worked with youth and adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses and substance abuse. The past 8 years have been with the criminal justice system and school based services.
Cami completed her AS in Human Services Management from the University of Phoenix. and continued to complete her BS in Sociology at Weber State University. She is passionate about positively impacting lives and building a safe community where individuals can be successful, supported, and empowered.
When not at work, Cami can be found spending time with her husband and children outdoors as often as possible. She enjoys doing crafts, wood working, fishing, hiking, and camping. Her favorite place to be is at their family cabin in Wyoming

Sara Hair

Team Director

As the Team Director at Seven Stars, Sara Hair works closely with the students to help build the pathway to success in the classroom. Sara teaches the students study skills, works with them individually on classwork, Art Projects, Health and Fitness, and social skill. Sara works with the students to engage them in community service projects and various educational field trips.
Sara has devoted her adulthood to helping others and especially enjoys working with youth. Sara is very creative and artistic. In her spare time, Sara can be found spending time with her family around a fire, camping, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors.

Keri Douglas

Team Lead

Keri’s experience of helping children with autism led her to her interest in residential treatment, where she quickly found her passion. Since joining the Seven Stars team, she has found countless opportunities to help young people find success, which has only deepened that passion. Keri is dedicated to the safety and well being of every resident. She approaches every situation with endless patience and understanding. In her free time, Keri enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and three children.

Rachelle Steed, CSW

Primary Therapist

As a Primary Therapist at Seven Stars, Rachelle Steed works closely with students and their families to create individualized treatment plans for each student. Rachelle received her Master’s degree in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University and has experience working with young people as a social worker and substance abuse therapist.
Rachelle is passionate about providing positive guidance to teens and giving them the help they need to become successful.
In her spare time, Rachelle enjoys spending time with her three children and travelling the globe.

Dr. Joshua J. Cluff, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I received my Bachelors degree from The Evergreen State College with an emphasis on Trauma Studies and Multicultural Counseling. I subsequently obtained my Master’s and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I have worked with a wide range of populations, including adolescent victims of sexual/emotional abuse, elementary-aged inner-city youth, at-risk adolescents and their families, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered youth and adults, adult perpetrators with developmental disorders, adults in a community mental health setting, and university-aged students, faculty, and their families.
Passionate about crisis intervention I worked for nineteen months as both a phone-based crisis counselor and a clinical member of the Berkeley Mobile-Crisis Team, providing field-based and on-site crisis intervention, response, assessment, de-escalation and mediation for the city of Berkeley, California. I then completed a pre-doctoral internship with the American Psychological Association accredited Counseling and Psychological Services at Oregon State University, providing psychotherapeutic and outreach services to students, faculty, and their dependents. I also worked in a private community counseling center working with adults, adolescents, and families.
I returned to wilderness therapy in 2007, working with adolescent and young adult clients before committing to a full-time assessment practice, providing psychological evaluation and consultation for clients in both wilderness and residential programs. While continuing my assessment practice, I served as the clinical director of a therapeutic boarding school treating adolescent boys with Asperger Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, and other neurological impairments impacting executive functioning, emotional regulation, and social/interpersonal functioning.
Throughout my clinical career, I have had the opportunity to design and lead parenting seminars, couples intensives, and workshops supporting adolescents and young adults struggling with life transitions. I also conduct comprehensive psychological assessments locally and nationally.
To my work as a psychologist, I bring a wide variety of unique life experiences and consider myself a partner to my clients seeking to navigate and find balance and peace in life’s journey. I live in Salt Lake City with my wife of 21 years and our two children.

Chad Sanders

Occupational Therapist

Chad has been working with this student population for a number of years. He enjoys the recreational model at Seven Stars and how it is applied to real life experiences for the students. He states, “I believe that Seven Stars has great balance between therapy, academics, and recreation and is why I really enjoy my time working in the program.” When Chad is not practicing his trade at Seven Stars, he is spending time in the outdoors with his wife and three young children.

Justin Manco

Primary Therapist

Justin is a Primary Therapist with years of experience in residential programs. As a previous manager of an acute neurodevelopmental program, Justin understands that treatment on all levels should be tailored to the individual for optimal outcomes. Using Positive Psychology, and an endless amount of compassion, Justin utilizes the individual’s strengths as a source for overcoming their weaknesses.

Manny Slack


Sherlene Dean


Lori Maughan

OTR/L, Consulting Occupational Therapist

Lori Maughan is a Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist who received her bachelor’s of science degree in Occupational Therapy from University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, Texas. She has worked in pediatrics for over 20 years. Lori specializes in treating children with sensory processing disorders and particularly enjoys treating children on the Autism spectrum. Lori focuses on teaching parents how to recognize and manage their child’s sensory needs so the child can be more successful at home and in the community. In her free time, Lori enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, fishing, boating, and traveling.

Alexander Kelly

Rec Lead

I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. From young age the outdoors has played a vital role in my sense of well being. It’s where I go to play, to contemplate, to explore, and to push myself. I believe that the outdoors is a great place to explore, both our physical environment and our emotional or mental state. There is space there, literally and metaphorically. Through my own journey, wilderness and the outdoors have helped me connect with myself and fine tune the way I conduct myself in the world. I want to be able to show others, particularly adolescents, the healing power of nature. I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from physical activity in the wilderness!!! In my free time you might be able to find me fly fishing, hiking, rock climbing, snowshoeing or skiing.

Sean Southard

Rec Lead

Sean graduated from Georgia State University with a B.A in Psychology in 2015. Previously worked with Adults and Children with Autism for the last 4 years in both a residential and therapeutic programs in Georgia. Recently moved to Utah in search of more opportunities and the great outdoors. In my free time, I like to rock climb, hike, snowboard, and try any new outdoor hobbies. I’m always trying to inspire the best of individuals and to venture out of their comfort zones and try new things.