We help teens discover their strengths and take advantage of opportunities for growth.

Achieving Success with Seven Stars

Everything we do at Seven Stars, and every staff member, is dedicated to the success of each of our students. With a purposely small community and a low staff to student ratio, we can focus on the needs and achievements of each student.

Focusing on the Positives through Positive Psychology

One of the core beliefs of Seven Stars that differentiates us from other therapeutic programs is our focus on the strengths of each child through positive psychology. After years of “what a child can’t do,” we focus on what a child is capable of accomplishing. By building from a foundation of success, we can help overcome some of the typical challenges our student population faces.

Finding Success


Everything we do at Seven Stars focuses on the positive. From day one, we strive to locate students’ individual strengths, and then build, block by block, to work towards success. And with our small staff-to-teacher ratio, each child is a critical member of our community.

These challenges include building better, more appropriate social skills. In building these social skills we also build stronger relationships, which also helps repair and rebuild the family relationships.

Our community and therapeutic approach through positive psychology can be incredibly useful for helping students to get outside their comfort zone and try new things. We also see anxiety decrease, even as environments change or previous stressors present themselves, as our students learn new strategies for channeling negative thoughts and building self-confidence through positive psychology. It’s a win-win therapy.

Please call us today, at 844-601-1167, if you would like to discuss how Seven Stars values success.