Seven Stars of Success

We help families restore hope and teens reach their potential.

The Relationship of Seven Stars to the Big Dipper

Think of the times in life where you stop to reflect and enjoy the moment, lying on your back staring up into the infinite night stars. You stare deeply, and the big issues of life seem to dissolve momentarily. All that is left is you and the brilliant night sky, full of hope and potential.

Even when the skies are cloudy and the stars are unfathomable, that same Big Dipper is always there … off in the distance. A moment of reflection, clarity and hope is patiently waiting to clear.

We, at Seven Stars, believe this is analogous to the challenges our families, with children on the autism spectrum, struggling with executive function deficits or learning disorders, have faced while recognizing the potential success lost behind the clouds. Seven Stars promises to always take the time to stop and gaze at the infinite night sky … to reflect on the potential of success and to restore hope.

We have named our program Seven Stars, another name for the Big Dipper in the night sky, in honor of these moments of reflection and dreaming.

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ADAPT to changing needs, environments, and expectations.

KNOW your strengths and opportunities for growth.

ENGAGE with family, friends, and peers.

LEARN to manage fears and build success.

PERSIST and grow through patience and perseverance.

BELIEVE in what you accomplish.

ENJOY the experience of life.

Discover The Seven Stars of Success: Seven Stars aims to help children on the autism spectrum and/or with other neurodevelopmental disorders