Our Model

Our holistic model focuses on building teen’s strengths.





Focusing on Strengths

Seven Stars’ program was built upon the foundation of positive psychology – determining and focusing on students’ strengths, not their weaknesses, to help build lasting skills and confidence through a personalized, strengths-based mentoring approach.

Our unique and powerful model combines the best of residential treatment and outdoor adventure to provide the most comprehensive, complete picture possible of each student. Therefore, Seven Stars offers students, and their families, the best opportunity for the most comprehensive and individualized treatment plan.

For some families, we have an assessment period to review skills and needs. Our second step spans residential treatment, academics, student life, and outdoor adventure programming. At the end of the Seven Stars program, your child will walk away with a progress report that provides their strengths & positives, next steps for treatment (if needed), and advice for what comes next.

Student Life

Students at Seven Stars are continually building and creating lasting relationships. Throughout each phase, there are opportunities for students to interact with peers, teachers, therapists and mentors. Your child will walk away from Seven Stars, armed with proper social skills necessary to succeed!

At Seven Stars’ outdoor adventure and residential treatment program, we believe in:

  • Positive psychology
  • Self determination
  • Self efficacy
  • Self awareness
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Social thinking
  • Family therapy & parent support

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Learning from the above strategies, students begin to:

  • Recognize that they and others have different perceptions and abilities to process social information
  • Navigate their social thinking, social interaction and social communication toward more rewarding outcomes
  • Learn to better adapt and respond to the people and situations around them

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