Trying New Things

We empower teens to step outside of their comfort zone.

Stuck: The Fear of New Things

“My child doesn’t like to try new things … He likes his routine … She has the things she likes … and that’s about it.”

These are quotes we hear from families all the time. Commonly, we’ll hear that the “things” the child likes to do are video games or other forms of technology. We also often hear that their child’s fear of trying new things and “getting out of their comfort zone” can negatively impact the entire family.

Knowing how important these routines and schedules are often inhibits a parent’s desire to make this important, potentially life-altering decision to send their child to Seven Stars.

We often remind parents that their child’s interests in their teenage years are not likely the interests they’ll have in 10 years, but they will be if their children don’t continue to challenge themselves and experience new things by overcoming their fear of new things.

Worse, many of our students are depressed or experimenting with things as a result of their boredom and fear of new things.

We can help your child build confidence and work towards a more successful future.

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Challenging Fears


Routines are an important part of daily life for our student population. However, sometimes routines can be limiting. Through Seven Stars’ supportive & caring staff, students are exposed to challenging their fears and anxieties. Breaking through the monotony of daily life, students rebuild academic motivation, create lasting relationships & find new activities they love to do.

Challenging students’ fear of new things

Seven Stars offers the most caring, supportive and nurturing environment to help your son or daughter break free from the monotony of their routine.

In our residential setting, our students practice and improve upon their social skills and build stronger friendships than many have had in years. The school setting is a place where we rebuild motivation and success based on meeting the student where they are and finding the best ways in which each student learns. During activities, our students have the opportunity to challenge their fear of new things, and maybe even find things they love to do that replace unhealthy or unproductive behaviors.

All of this is wrapped around by an assessment and therapeutic approach, led by passionate staff interested in building and developing the success of every student.

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