Mission & Values

Our guiding principles reflect our core mission to help your family find a new normal.

Helping Students with Neurodevelopmental Difficulties Including Autism, ASD Level 1, AD/HD, Neurodiverse, Verbal & Nonverbal Learning Disorders Reach Their Fullest Potential

Our Mission

Seven Stars’ mission is for every student, struggling with verbal & nonverbal learning disorders among others, to reach their fullest potential. Everyone has the ability to succeed when given the proper & individualized opportunity to learn, practice skills, build awareness, mindfulness and self-efficacy.

We promise to provide the very best in strengths-focused treatment of the highest clinical quality for children struggling with challenges such as autism, ADHD, and nonverbal learning disorders. We promise to provide a supportive, encouraging environment with respect and appreciation for individual differences.

Seven Stars promises to help your child, struggling with nonverbal learning disorders among others, succeed and meet their utmost potential.

Mission & Values

At Seven Stars, our mission is to help every student reach his or her fullest potential. Through the very best in strengths-focused treatment and learning opportunities, students will start believing in the power of self.

Navigating Struggles, Inspiring Change: Rachelle Manco’s Vision

Help your child make steps towards a brighter, happier future.

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The Power Of “Self”

Seven Stars believes in the power of self. At our autism program for teens with nonverbal learning disorders and other challenges, your child will learn to be:

 Self Determined : What motivates me? What are my strengths, passions, and interests?

Self Directed: What are my needs? Are they reasonable? How can they be met?

Self Aware: What am I feeling? Why am I thinking this way?

Self Confident: I am worthy. I am valued. I am unique. I am special

Larger Than Self: How do my feelings, emotions, and actions positively or negatively impact others?

How can I work with others and still have my needs met?

This is the power of positive psychology and win-win therapy.

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