Sending Your Child to a Therapeutic Wilderness Program

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Seven Stars understands that deciding on a residential treatment and therapeutic wilderness program is a tough decision for families, especially for those families with children struggling with neurodevelopmental issues. Fear and frustration from previous experiences can lead to families struggling to make any decision.

Our Admissions Team is here to help: answer questions, help you understand how we might be able to help, and help move each family through the process. Call us today at (844) 601-1167.

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Deciding to send your son or daughter to a residential treatment and/or wilderness therapy program can be difficult, especially difficult if they have strict routines and habits. From the first moment you call us, Seven Stars will work tirelessly to provide the best situation & fit for your child. Our nurturing & caring environment offers opportunities to build on the positives to create lasting success.

A Nurturing Therapeutic Wilderness Program to Call Home

From the first moment a family calls us, we work tirelessly to understand the individual challenges presented and to find the best possible situation and fit. We recognize the unique issues our students often struggle. We also understand families find us after exhaustive and often frustrating experiences trying to get their child the help they need.

Our extensive assessment, residential and therapeutic wilderness program offers struggling teens a nurturing environment that provides opportunities to build upon strengths to create lasting success.

Seven Stars is here, today, to help you find the solutions, hope and success stories you’ve been yearning.

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