Family Connections

Healing is for the entire family.

Building Family Relationships Through a “Time Out”

The struggles of our students are often the struggles for our parents and their siblings, as well. This is not to say a Seven Stars students who struggles with social anxiety has parents who do, although this is sometimes true. We do know, however, that when a child is struggling socially, emotionally and behaviorally, it impacts the entire unit.

Part of the value of the Seven Stars program is to provide a “time out” for the entire family. While your child joins us for a journey of self-discovery and newfound skills, the parents and siblings back home have a chance for re-building family relationships and reflecting on how to make changes going forward.

Family Involvement = Student Success

It is not often that a child has success at a program like Seven Stars and continues that success at home without their family making changes at well, but there is substantial success when both family and student work to make changes on building family relationships. This is why we involve the family every step of the way, from the moment a parent first contacts us all the way through – and past – graduation from our program.

Family involvement is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach. Recognizing that every family situation is different, your child’s therapist with consult with the family to determine the right communication strategy for re-building family relationships.

This strategy will include when and how communication occurs, and it will certainly change as a student goes through the Seven Stars program.

To learn more about our family programming and the opportunities for building family relationships, please call us today at 844-601-1167.