Therapy and fun rarely go in a sentence together. After all, therapy is a long, difficult process and fun is, well, fun. Right? Wrong. The truth is, in today’s day and age, therapy is a far cry from what it used to be. Where possible, gone are the scary nurses. Enjoyable, interactive journeys are what therapy is about today.
As the parent of a teen struggling with a number of issues – whether it’s a mental illness, stress, or a wide range of other possibilities – it can be hard to know how to help. After all, “therapy” sounds so ominous. This is where a wilderness adventure experience enters the picture.

Ways a Wilderness Adventure Experience Can Help Your Child

Going on a wilderness adventure experience doesn’t necessarily seem therapeutic at first: how can an adventure help with the healing process? The trick is in the details. A wilderness adventure experience is specifically guided and catered toward being educational. A wilderness adventure experience is not a simple summer camp with a single overworked counselor who sneaks away to watch TV; it is a carefully organized, well-monitored setting with a single goal: to make your child better. wilderness adventure experience
There are a number of reasons a wilderness adventure experience helps set your child on the right track. A wilderness adventure experience combines the risks inherent in surviving the wild (in controlled environments, of course!) with lessons on interacting with others – except, instead of theory, working together is necessary to make it through. By applying theoretical concepts into immediate practice and teaching self-reliance, a wilderness adventure experience can help your child discover who they are and be better prepared to handle situations that they encounter in the future.

Choosing the Right Wilderness Adventure Experience

There are numerous benefits to therapeutic adventures; however, it is important to make sure that your child is getting the best help possible. Several key aspects make a wilderness adventure experience truly beneficial:

  • A caring, professional staff. Since no two cases are the same, the wilderness adventure experience is highly individualized toward your child’s needs. Highly trained personnel assists your child on their journey and supports them to ensure safety.
  • Building family. The ultimate goal of therapy is to make your child better. While the wilderness adventure experience involves a large amount of self-reflection and self-discovery, it involves the child’s family in the healing process. In the end, wilderness adventure experience is about rebuilding family bonds and making the child’s whole environment easier to navigate.
  • Experience that lasts a lifetime. A wilderness adventure experience doesn’t end when the child returns home; as a matter of fact, that is just the beginning. A wilderness adventure experience builds up skills – coping, communication, and many others – that last for the rest of the child’s life.
  • Fun. Just because it’s therapy, doesn’t make participating in a wilderness adventure experience any less enjoyable. Going out into the wild, utilizing survival skills, and having a blast are all part of the package.

Seven Stars can help

Seven Stars, a therapeutic program for teens ages 13-17, can help your teen struggling with emotional and behavioral issues related to a neurodevelopmental disorder.
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