Teens with ADHD have it rough. On top of being riddled by the surging hormones and mood swings of puberty, they also have to work extra hard to stay on top of their school work and make friends.

Teenagers are expected by parents and other figures of authority in their lives to begin handling more autonomy. The way school is set up becomes less structured and teens are expected to handle homework and studying for exams without being prompted by parents. However, teens with ADHD many need structure in their lives in order to stay organized and get their work done. 

Staying aware of the struggles your teen may be experiencing in all areas of their lives is important for their future success.

Helping your teen thrive academically

Teens with ADHD, without the proper support, often have lower GPAs and test scores. As academics begin ramping up, your teen’s struggles with paying attention in class and staying focused while studying may begin to take a dramatic toll on their academic performance.

With the assistance of tutors, homework helpers, or an organizational coach, teens with ADHD can get the extra help they need to stay organized and caught up with school work. Unlike their peers, teens with ADHD may struggle to succeed academically without the support of parents and outside help.

Helping your teen improve social skills

Nearly 50 percent of teens with ADHD struggle to form close relationships with their peers. They are more likely to be ignored by their peers and their chances of creating reciprocal relationships are slimmer than teens without ADHD. They may be at a greater risk of being bullied or becoming bullies themselves.

You can help your teen improve social skills by encouraging them to take part in extracurriculars. Through extracurriculars your teen can make friends in a structured environment, and can even gain confidence in themselves.

Encourage self-compassion and humor

Taking life too seriously and being a pessimist about things does not often lead to a healthy, happy future for teens. Encourage your teen to find humor in their quirks. Don’t let them be too hard on themselves. Like anyone, they need to learn to love themselves for who they are even if they struggle harder than their peers.

Discover Seven Stars can help

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