When most people think of “addiction”, their minds go to drugs or alcohol. However, in the twenty-first century, another form of addiction has been born: technology addiction. While it may not seem as serious at first – how can technology be compared to drugs, after all? – the truth is that research has proven that technology addiction is as grave an issue as its substance-related counterparts.

Is it Addiction?

Not all smartphone or internet usage constitutes a technology addiction. The internet is an inextricable part of today’s society, so a certain amount of online presence is to be expected. However, when a phone or a computer become round-the-clock presences in your teen’s life, it may be a sign that your teen has a technology addiction. As with any other type of addictive behavior, it could become extremely difficult for your teen to not use their phone; removing technology causes withdrawal effects. Similarly, their moods may be dependent on technology use – being on a phone or a computer ceases to be a form of recreation and becomes an obsession, the only way to feel satisfied. 

technology addiction

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As a parent, it can be difficult to cope with a teen who prefers an inanimate object to personal relationships. It is important to remember that it is not your fault – hard as it may be, a positive attitude will encourage your teen to communicate with you, which is the first step to dealing with a technology addiction.
While it might seem easy enough to simply take away all access to technology (making your teen quit “cold turkey”), it often proves to do more harm than good. Instead, it could prove more effective to limit technology usage and find fun activities to replace them. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and routine, including good eating habits, regular exercise, and sleep, can make coping with a technology addiction easier.
If your teen’s technology addiction has gotten out of hand, it could be time to consider professional help.

Seven Stars can help

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