Teens with autism need feedback and encouragement just like we all do. There are ways to provide positive reinforcement for teens with autism that will receive both effective and ineffective outcomes. As a parent you want to provide your teen with feedback in which they can learn and grow from. Praise is important for the development of attributes such as: self-esteem, general attitude, motivation toward academics, etc. In addition, the opposite is also true: A large amount of punishment can negatively affect emotional development and self-esteem. Researchers found that negative reinforcement was rated by parents as the most frequently used behavior intervention. This is a startling find that needs to be addressed and it can begin in your home.

Say “No” to Negative Reinforcement

Negative reinforcement used with teens can be counterproductive. This type of reinforcement is often used as parents to correct problem behaviors in teens with autism. However, this is not the most effective approach. This concept is better explained by myaspergerschild.com when they say that “Behaviors that in-and-of themselves may not be negative become negative reinforcers when paired with certain events. For example, the parent approaching her child who is not doing his homework becomes a negative reinforcer, even though the action itself (i.e., the parent walking up to the child) does not have a negative connotation”.

Push in the Positive

Positive reinforcement for teens with autism can be the key way into watching your child’s problematic behavior decrease. Research shows that using this type of reinforcement creates a long-lasting impact on your child’s behavior. Follow these simple steps into implementing positive reinforcement into your parenting:

  1. Never miss a chance to praise your child
  2. Create a positive environment by eliminating reprimands and reminders and increasing praise and reinforcement
  3. Find things they do well throughout the day to say “great job” and set the positive tone
  4. Set clear expectations in a firm, but non-threatening way

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