Adventure therapy is one of the most efficient and healthy environments for adolescent therapy available. Immersion in the green, wide open spaces, healthy diet, and copious amount of exercise all contribute to the emotional well-being of children in adolescence. Two things that it inspires the most is self-confidence and cooperation–and there’s research to back it up, too.

What is adventure therapy?

Adventure therapy uses a combination of experiential education and therapy. It uses adventure activities–kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and more–to get adolescents out of their comfort zone in a fun environment. It’s often applied with groups or families, which helps build stronger bonds and social skills. This is all monitored by staff and done in a safe, therapeutic environment, allowing a greater amount of feedback.

Adventure therapy, inspiring growth in the wild

Nature offers so much to us that is untapped. One of the major benefits is stress and anxiety relief, which isn’t hard to believe if you can think back to the last time you took a stroll through a park or forest. Along with this, the activities you can conduct in nature allows a group or family to practice therapy in a calm, nurturing environment.

As humans, we naturally feel at ease in nature–this is what makes wilderness and adventure therapy so effective. These activities that seem purely physical–rafting, for example–actually require and inspire more. When you’re rafting, you have to work together, in sync, in order to get through rapids correctly–this helps build relationships and cooperations. It builds confidence because many teens don’t believe they can do adventure activities, but when they find out they’re more capable than they first believed, it strengthens their self-confidence.

Overall, adventure therapy is not only an effective way to help families reunite and rebuild relationships, but it’s also a way for struggling teens to begin recovering and strengthening their inner confidence on what they can accomplish.

Seven Stars can help

Seven Stars combines residential treatment with outdoor wilderness programming to create a multifaceted, more effective program for 13 to 18 year old teens struggling with emotional and behavioral issues as a result of their neurodevelopmental disorder.

We embed the objectives we have for each student into daily activities and teach emotional wellness skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving, social awareness, academic skills, self-efficacy and prosocial behaviors. At Seven Stars, we strive to help each of our students develop the skills necessary to live full, productive lives.

Contact us today for more information about how Seven Stars uses adventure therapy to help struggling teens at 844-601-1167!

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