This therapy differs from the classic therapeutic therapy as it gives its patients a chance to put their therapeutic session into practical life. Unlike classic therapies, a wilderness therapy provides a natural setting to the individual in which whatever that he has learnt can be utilized. This gives a greater insight to the person’s learning capabilities and a deeper understanding and interaction between them and their close ones. It is an ideal way to test the skills that the person has acquired during his therapeutic sessions.

These sessions provide the students with a focused and a planned environment that tests their skills, interactions and their confidence level. It is deprived of the worldly distractions and negativities like technologies and emotional dramas. It is sometimes carried out in groups and helps the students to develop and enhance the skills that they already have and also provide them with an environment that promotes the development of new set of skills like communication, confidence, interaction, affection and many more. This eliminates the negativities from their character and promotes a positive and a much healthier image.