Bipolar disorder is characterized by either low levels of depression to different levels of mania, thus also the name- ‘manic-depressive disorder’. It has varying mood shifts. At one point, the individual might show signs of zeal, excitement and energy and at the next minute, they might be feeling melancholy, sad and depressed. Bipolar disorder can be either occur a few times in a month or year or even several times in a day and can also have depression and manic behavior happening all at the same time.

Mostly occurring in teens and young adults, this disorder can cause mood shifts ranging from the highest depression to the lowest manic attacks and vice versa. They have trouble expressing their feelings and usually display emotions of sadness, annoyance or grief with anger. Therefore, it is important to understand the disorder and to deal with teens facing this problem, with tolerance and kindness and to provide them with the help that they need.