Addiction is a mental state of an individual in which occasionally the individual physically and mentally depends on intoxicating substances i.e. drugs. It is referred to a medical condition in which an individual ingest substances like alcohol, narcotics either drugs etc. or may be involved in activities like gambling. The excess urge to practice these activities becomes the part of routine that can be pleasurable at first but later becomes compulsive and interferes with normal life responsibilities.

The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) has redefined Addiction is a state of mind modifying substance in spite of a neurological weakness or an antagonistic reliance outcomes prompting to such practices. Addiction is defined as physical dependency on a substance. Addiction is deep rooted, therefore to overcome addiction it is extremely important to seek right professional help in overcoming addiction. All the addiction related programs are mainly designed to have large variety of professional skills and expertise in helping individuals with their personal addiction. All the professional programs are designed to help individuals in overcoming these barriers of addiction to return to a normal routine.