Safety at Seven Stars

We help families restore hope and teens reach their potential.

Safety at Seven Stars

  • Accredited by The Joint Commission
  • Licensed through Utah Department of Health and Human Services for Intermediate Secure Residential Care
  • Academic Accreditation through Cognia
  • Certified by Utah Department of Education to deliver Special Education Services
  • Certified by California Department of Education as a Non Public School provider of  Special Education Services
  • Certified by Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction as a Non Public School provide of Special Education Services 
  • Certified by Department of Homeland Security as a Student and Visitor Exchange Program allowing enrollment of international students
  • Utah Department of Health

Student Safety is Paramount

At Seven Stars, student safety is our top priority. While negative press about treatment programs may arise from historical incidents of abuse or neglect, we acknowledge that certain programs in the past relied on outdated behavior modification methods, lacked traditional therapy, and were operated by inexperienced staff or faith-based organizations with specific agendas. Programs today have increased regulation and oversight of therapeutic programs in Utah and other states.

Seven Stars firmly believes that all young people, especially the vulnerable, deserve safe and humane mental health care. While some negative experiences may still occur in certain therapeutic settings, we support the correction or closure of programs that fail to provide safe care.

Regulation and Oversight is Crucial

Treatment programs have significantly evolved over the past 2-3 decades. Today, programs should be licensed by the state, evidence-based, supervised by medical professionals and licensed mental health clinicians, and prioritize compassionate care. Accreditation from national associations dedicated to safety, quality, and effectiveness is also sought.

In Utah, therapeutic programs are closely regulated by the State Office of Licensing, a division of the Department of Human Services. These programs must adhere to stringent safety and effectiveness standards, with inspections conducted four times a year by specially trained state licensors. Half of these inspections are unannounced, and safety-related incidents are investigated by the Office of Licensing. Programs that do not maintain a track record of safety and effectiveness may face sanctions or closure.

An Evidence-Based Approach

Seven Stars prioritizes evidence-based best practices, clinical expertise, and inspiring interpersonal relationships. Our approach does not rely on a complex system of punishments and rewards. Instead, students are treated with dignity and respect, encouraging them to explore new beliefs and behaviors that lead to greater happiness. We utilize cutting-edge therapeutic modalities (link to clinical page) to teach skills and promote personal growth.

Respected and Experienced Professionals

At Seven Stars, our staff consists of highly qualified professionals. Led by a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, our team of clinicians, teachers, and administrators are professionally trained and fully licensed. Our supervisory staff, composed of paraprofessionals, holds certifications in CPR and First Aid, passes national background checks to work with youth, receives training in de-escalation and safety techniques, and is enrolled in Clinical Deep Dive Training.

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Going Above and Beyond

Furthermore, Seven Stars goes above and beyond the state-required minimums. We hold accreditation from The Joint Commission, maintaining the highest Gold Status since our establishment. We are a member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and commitment to safety and effectiveness is demonstrated by our track record of zero known incidents of abuse or neglect.

For objective evidence of our program’s effectiveness, we collect outcome data using standardized assessment tools handled by third-party researchers at the University of New Hampshire. Our ongoing study supports the effectiveness of our model. We also encourage you to explore success stories from therapeutic program alumni nationwide at


I have spent time with Gordon and some of the students. The day I was there one of the students was struggling, but the staff knew exactly what to do to support the student and one another to help the child better address his anxiety and emotional outburst. Seven Stars is designed to help students and their families figure out how to lead more productive, happier lives. I saw firsthand how they help students develop these skills.

Paige Malloy

Seven Stars was a great fit for our needs. They were able to provide the therapy my child needed in a supportive environment to put us on a better path for his future. An outdoor wilderness program did not seem like a good fit for our son but Seven Stars provided the therapeutic support he needed in a safe environment. They were helpful in providing a thorough assessment for us to inform our discussion with our school district and to look at other placements. My son even wanted to visit Seven Stars 6 months after he left so he could say hello to the staff.

Julie Wilson

Dr Day and his staff are the most compassionate and caring in the business. This program offers quality individual and family therapy, medication management, academics and recreational therapy. We are so grateful for the care they gave to our son.

Audra Shelko

Our son was in a very difficulty place, and we weren’t getting the proper diagnosis, medication or treatments needed, to best help him. Seven Stars was truly a life saver for our son, and for us. They thoroughly explored all avenue of treatment; medication, behavioral, social, and came up with a treatment plan that suited his individual needs. His time at Seven Stars was such a pivotal time for all of us, to enable him to move forward to the next phase of his life. We are forever grateful to Seven Stars and their incredible staff!

Celia Wolf