Multidisciplinary Reports

Every student benefits from an individualized plan according to their personal goals.

Multidisciplinary Reports


At Seven Stars, we pride ourselves on the unique model of therapy utilized for individualized treatment plans. From day one, we are dedicated to measuring the ongoing progress and successes of our students. We are constantly working as a team, with the student and with the family to reassess and refine the best path to continued success for each child.

Upon arrival, all students will receive advanced acute care through psychiatric assessment. Students will receive exhaustive assessments designed to provide us with a clearer and more accurate view of the student’s current strengths, adaptive functioning skills and opportunities for growth.

From here, we begin to refine and tailor the preliminary assessment based on observations and experiences in the residential phase. Academics, student life, therapy, and adventure activities provide an even clearer picture about how to help the child find success.

The comprehensive and integrated nature of our program combined with our deep expertise working with this student population provides us unique insight and understanding in order to provide the best plan moving forward for each student. We call this plan the multidisciplinary report because it covers a variety of areas.

Report Updates

Your family will receive a multidisciplinary report with results from the assessment testing. Each report will strongly focus on psychological & adaptive functioning, as well as neurological, social and family assessments. As your child continues to progress and grow, families will receive a complete and individualized multidisciplinary report as requested.

The results of all testing and assessments will strongly inform the duration of treatment for your student. At the end of your child’s stay with Seven Stars, an addendum will be provided to each report with recommendations for continued care and future treatment needs, if necessary.

Seven Stars evaluates all aspects of a child’s development in order to “meet them where they are” and help them progress. We understand how important it is to measure the successes over time, and we are committed to creating a unique and individualized treatment plan with key takeaways for each student and their families for future success.

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