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Seven Stars’ treatment model takes a revolutionary shift from normal therapy methods.  By combining multidisciplinary residential treatment and outdoor adventure programming, our therapeutic program understands, assesses and builds the confidence and skills of students struggling with neurodevelopmental disorders.  Our Treatment team includes expert therapists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, behavior specialists, paraprofessional classroom aids, offsite credentialed teachers, outdoor adventure therapy specialists, and the most important team member, YOU! Our valuable Milieu Staff.

We put it all together into one comprehensive program driven by experienced experts on how best to assess and help our special students.  Seven Stars’ success can be attributed to the caliber of our team. Seven Stars needs Milieu Staff that can see the best in our students. Our Milieu Staff build the therapeutic alliance, teach skills, provide supervision and assure safety.  They facilitate therapeutic experiences for the students and help them build critical life skills.

All required training is provided and Milieu Staff have the opportunity to earn their Registered Behavioral Technician certification with some off-shift study and on-shift supervision.

We are hiring

Outdoor Recreation Specialist (Autism Specific)

Milieu Manager / Autism Behavior Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

Assisting the treatment team with assessment, development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of skill building and behavioral supports for assigned clients, provide one-on-one implementation of treatment plan, work with and encourage active family participation to implement treatment plan, collect data and report to supervisor weekly, adhere to other requirements outlined in state contract(s).


What is an Outdoor Recreation Specialist and what do they do?

An Outdoor Recreation Specialist is a professional in outdoor recreation and using those outdoor activities to meet specific and general therapeutic goals. He/She is highly experienced, or will become highly experienced in activities such as: rock climbing, rappelling, biking, canoeing, rafting, backpacking, canyoneering, skiing, etc., and safely teaches these activities to students and Milieu Staff as a tool for therapy.

What if I’m not yet a professional in all of the activities Seven Stars facilitates? Can I still work at Seven Stars?

Of course! Don’t worry if you currently don’t have the skills to be an Outdoor Recreation Specialist. Employee training at Seven Stars is hands on and constant.  You may not feel like a professional now, but through training and experience, you will develop the skills required to be a professional Youth Mentor or Outdoor Recreation Specialist.  Once hired, staff that are not as experienced are paired with experienced staff that can train you in all aspects of outdoor adventure facilitation.

How does learning outdoor skills help the students with their problems?

Each skill taught at Seven Stars can be compared to real life skills that will help our students succeed.  For example, rock climbing and bouldering are great ways to teach about overcoming fears and frustrations. Mentors and outdoor specialists “frontload” or teach students and each other how to be successful before the activity begins.  They carefully guide, encourage and support progressive learning and growth. Each student’s challenge is adjusted to their level of skill. After each activity, Mentors and outdoor specialists sit down with their group and process the activity.  This provides students with an opportunity to see personal achievement, how they can improve as well as transferring the lessons they learn to their lives in the bigger world outside of Seven Stars.

What training and professional growth opportunities are available?

After receiving an offer of employment, new employees attend a full week of on campus training.  This week long training involves filling out initial Human Resources paperwork and training on facility policies and procedures, job duties, supervision and student safety, crisis management, documentation, etc.  You will be paid for this training. After the first week of training, mentors spend a week in a “shadow” experience. During this time, the new mentor is assigned to “shadow” an experienced mentor in order to receive more practical training.

What’s next?  If you have carefully read all of the above information and are still interested in applying to Seven Stars, please send your resume to us by email at employment@discoversevenstars.com, or mail it to us at 2650 S 2700 S, Syracuse, UT 84075, attn: Seven Stars Employment, or fax it to us at 801-217-0777.