The struggles teens experience can affect their parents and siblings as well. When someone in the family is struggling emotionally, the entire family may struggle with knowing how to connect and support each other. Parenting stress is not uncommon among those caring for loved ones with Autism, mental health issues, or learning disorders.

Causes of Parenting Stress

The fact that their child is on the spectrum does not necessarily increase parenting stress. However, behavioral problems, increased dependence, and social difficulties can make it difficult for parents to differentiate their child’s issues from their own. Parenting stress is not uncommon among those caring for loved ones with Autism, mental health issues, or learning disorders.

  • They may want to jump in and rescue their child from distress, even if this is not possible for them to do consistently
  • They may be hard on themselves for not being able to help the way they want to
  • They may struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety, or exhaustion
  • They may feel incapable of managing their own stress effectively
  • They may compromise their own needs in prioritizing the needs of their child

Stress Affects the Entire Family

When parents experience parenting stress, it can affect their ability to be present for family members. Teens with autism are often sensitive to other people’s emotions. Although it can be difficult to admit that they are tired or worried, when parents name these emotions, it can help teens with autism understand that their point of view and recognize that their behavior is not personal. When parents try to ignore their stress, it may build over time and contribute to overall family stress. 

Rebuilding Relationships Through Family Therapy

Reaching out for support from friends, family members, support groups, or professionals can help parents feel less alone and connect them to resources that will help them better manage their stress and learn how to better support their child. Residential programs for teens with autism believe that family involvement is key to future success. 
When teens and their families work together to improve their communication strategies, they are better able to make changes in their relationships. As teens work towards their personal goals, their needs change. Through family therapy, parents learn to apply different skills in interactions. Its goal is to help teens become more autonomous in making their own decisions and to learn how to advocate for their needs with family members. 
At Seven Stars, family therapy is more than just about building a support system for teens. We offer support for parents dealing with parenting stress by teaching parents strategies to manage their personal stress, learn more about their child’s needs, and encourage their child’s independence. 

Discover Seven Stars Can Help

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