Marijuana use in teens is widespread and constantly growing. In fact, it’s the most commonly used recreational drug for teen boys. Many parents throughout the U.S. don’t feel as threatened by marijuana use in teens as they do hard drugs. Compared to marijuana available 30 years ago, the marijuana available to teens everywhere has a much higher level of its active ingredient, THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannibonol). The marijuana available today is almost 10 percent THC, which makes marijuana use in teens all the more of a threat to their well being.

Damaging to the mind

Marijuana use in teens can create damaging legal issues and cause serious damage to teen brains.
In a longitudinal study, conducted by Duke University, researchers compared IQs of marijuana users with non-users from childhood through the age of 38. They found that those who began smoking as teens lost about eight IQ points from childhood to adulthood.  

marijuana use in teens

Photo Source: Flickr User – cagrimmett

In addition to a drop in IQ, marijuana use in teens is known to cause:

  • Negative changes in the brain’s white matter, volume and ability to perform cognitive function
  • Higher risk of developing depression and anxiety symptoms
  • Increased risk of schizophrenia
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Respiratory and lung problems

Negative impacts

Marijuana use in teens can have serious negative impacts on many aspects of a teen’s life. Teens who smoke marijuana are more likely to have lower grades and dropout of school than their peers who abstain. Using marijuana affects memory, attention span and learning. This can last for days or even weeks. Marijuana can also be a gateway to other drugs such as alcohol and other illicit drugs.
Keeping your teen away from marijuana is crucial for their academic and personal success.

Getting help

If your teen has been using marijuana and its damaging their academic and social lives, it might be time to consider sending them to professional help. Seven Stars is a residential program that combines residential treatment and adventure therapy for teens struggling with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ADHD, autism and asperger’s. 
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