All kids have worries and doubts. Whether it be trivial disputes on the playground, or deep questions about life, your children will experience worry at some point while growing up. However, for children who can’t stop worrying, no matter how much they want to, may have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Because of the inability to control these worries, they may behave in certain ways over and over again.

Does my child have compulsions?

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a type of anxiety disorder. OCD in children can preoccupy their minds and actions. With OCD, upsetting or scary thoughts or images, called obses

OCD in children

Image source: Flickr user- schnappischnap

sions, pop into a person’s mind and are hard to shake away. Kids with OCD also might worry about things not being “in order” or “just right”. OCD in children may make children worry about losing things, or feeling like they need to collect certain items. These actions will appear to other people as useless.
Children most likely will have a difficult time explaining a reason for their rituals and obsessions. They attempt to justify their actions with “just because”. When someone does their routine rituals or repetitive behaviors, it is because they are trying to relieve anxiety.
Obviously, many kids will have superstitions (avoiding sidewalk cracks, wearing a luck t-shirt), obsessions (baseball cards, musical groups) and compulsions (nail biting), but as an adult you are looking for signs of the obsessions and compulsions that overtake the child and limit him or her from doing anything else.

Getting Help

If you think your child may have OCD, talk to them. They may be relieved to know that someone else recognizes the anxiety they are facing. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn, call the experts at Discover Seven Stars. They will be ready with information and knowledge to share with you about their work. Call (844) 601- 1167 today to get the help your child deserves.