Humans are complex creatures with complex brains that process complex information. Disruption in this complex process is due to a neural learning disorder. Learning disorders, also known as learning disabilities, are neurologically-based processing issues that inhibit the brains ability to recognize, perceive, process, analyze, recall and remember information.

“Nearly four million school-age kids and teens have learning disabilities, and at least 20 percent of them have a type of disorder that makes it difficult to focus.” –

Hidden disability: same face, different brain

Learning disorders are a hidden disability that typically go undetected outside of learning environments. Often the diagnosis happens during the first few years of school because they are discovered in the classroom when a child is struggling with academics. Despite this, the Learning Disabilities Association states that neurological issues go beyond just effecting basic academic skills like reading, writing and arithmetic.

“Learning disabilities should not be confused with learning problems, which are primarily the result of visual, hearing or motor handicaps of mental retardation, of emotional disturbance, or of environmental, cultural or economic disadvantages.” – Learning Disabilities Association

Learning Disorders

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These disabilities impact the function of higher level processing skills, such as abstract reasoning, time perception/management, organization abilities, memory retention (short and long term) and concentration. Similarly these functioning deficits not only affect an individual’s academic life, but also influence them in relationships, family life and the workplace.

“Generally speaking, people with learning disabilities are of average or above average intelligence. There often appears to be a gap between the individual’s potential and actual achievement.” –Learning Disabilities Associations

Teens reach full potential at Seven Stars

Though they cannot be “cured,” learning disorders can be managed with effective support and intervention. At Seven Stars, teen’s ages 13-17 are provided the services that will allow them the chance to achieve all that is possible.
Seven Stars is a therapeutic program specifically geared to help teens with neurodevelopmental disorders. This residential treatment center works to build confidence and skills with students through the combination of acute care stabilization, outdoor adventure therapy and positive psychology. Get help today if you know or suspect your child has a learning disorder.
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