Children who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder may have defiance issues. This can make parenting feel like a power struggle. Your child may be resistant to discipline or simply listening to your guidance. This can make parents feel hopeless and confused on what to do. Defiance appears in many different ways. It all depends on the child. Symptoms of defiant behavior may be difficult to differentiate from symptoms associated with Autism in general.

Defining Defiance

Here are some common behaviors that are associated with autism and defiance issues:

  • Tantrums
  • Spiteful or vindictive behavior
  • Refusal to comply with adults’ requests or rules
  • Difficulty maintaining friendships
  • Deliberate annoyance of other people
  • Blaming others for mistakes or misbehavior
  • Argumentativeness with parents, teachers and other authority figures
  • Anger and resentment
  • Aggressiveness toward siblings and peers
  • Acting touchy and easily annoyed
  • Academic problems

The Next Steps

Help for teens who struggle with autism and defiance issues begins at home. It is critical that you get your teen the resources they need to help them. Proper evaluation is the first step in getting them on track to a healthier life. Treating defiant behavior in teens can be approached from various angles. As a parent, there are methods that you should adopt to make parenting your child less frustrating and a more positive experience for the both of you. Here are some of the suggested methods:

  1. Remain calm and unemotional during opposition
  2. Recognize and praise your teen’s good behaviors and positive characteristics.
  3. Offer acceptable choices to your teen, giving him a certain amount of control.
  4. Limit consequences to those that can be consistently reinforced and last for a limited amount of time.
  5. Establish a schedule for the family that includes specific meals that will be eaten at home together, and specific activities one or both parents will do with the teen.
  6. Avoid power struggles with your teen

Discover Seven Stars can help

Seven Stars is a residential treatment program for teens ages 13-17 struggling with Autism-related issues. The program provides acute care stabilization, residential treatment, academic programs, adventure-based therapy, skill building, and positive psychology. These various programs and therapies help students to improve their confidence, self-awareness, and personal management. Seven Stars provides students with individualized access to the resources they need to transition to the real-world practicing healthier habits and self-control. We can help your family today!
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