Research has long shown that autism and anxiety are linked. Autism is often defined by a lack of social skills–and a recent study has connected difficulty with social skills to a higher chance of developing anxiety.
When a student struggles with social skills, it can be difficult to form meaningful connections to others and cause places with people to be a source of anxiety.

How social skills, autism, and anxiety interlink

autism and anxietyWhen it comes to high functioning autism, a student may be thriving academically but floundering socially. Socializing is a critical component to forming a healthy sense of self and self esteem.
A large issue is that teachers in traditional schools have a hard time figuring out when these students are struggling because they usually do well on paper.
Every parent dreams that their child will be a social butterfly and make friends instantly–but this isn’t always the case. Socializing with others may be a source of stress for your child, which is where autism and anxiety connect. If they struggle to read situations well, it can cause anxiety to form.
It’s not uncommon for parents of teens with autism to not realize they’re struggling with a type of anxiety as well. Teens with autism often keep things to themselves and have issues expressing their emotions–which means that if they’re having a difficult time making friends or even getting bullied at school, they may never say anything unless you dig.

Study shows lack of social skills may drive anxiety

In a recent study, researchers found that struggling with social skills may directly cause anxiety–but anxiety may not cause issues with social skills. This isn’t necessarily in children with autism, but it would make sense because of the connection between autism and anxiety.
Those with autism frequently deal with anxiety as a result of sensory overload–and issues with social skills. This helps us understand the connection between autism and anxiety better which can lead to more effective, efficient methods of treatment when it comes to helping individuals with autism.

Seven Stars is here for your family

Seven Stars is a program that treats teens with neurodevelopmental disorders. We combine residential treatment with adventure therapy to create a multifaceted, effective program for adolescents, ages 13 to 18, struggling with emotional and behavioral issues as a result of their neurodevelopmental disorder.
We embed the objectives we have for each student into daily activities and teach emotional wellness skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving, social skills, academic skills, self-efficacy and prosocial behaviors. At Seven Stars, we strive to help our students develop the skills necessary to live full, productive lives.
For more information about how we help with autism and anxiety at Seven Stars, contact us today at 844-601-1167

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