The school year has either just begun for your child or is about to begin. Anxiety and autism often go hand in hand–especially in relation to school. School can be a difficult place for a teen with autism for many reasons: difficulty learning, focusing, making friends, and more. Psychology Today recently published an article offering up some advice to parents of teens with anxiety and autism concerning the school year ahead.

Tips for going back to school

For your teen with anxiety and autism, school may be a place that they associate with bullying or issues with learning. It may also be a place that they have issues connecting with peers. Especially for kids with anxiety and autism, transitioning back to school can be hard because of the different schedule and change in expectations. This can cause a lot of stress to build up at the beginning of the school year in not only your child, but in you as well.
Here are some tips on how to ease a bit of that stress:

  1. Think about the benefits of school. Education is necessary and a wonderful tool for future success. Yes, your child may struggle with it, but as long as you’re there to offer and find them the support they need to reach success everything will be okay.
  2. Keep a strong routine. Teens with autism do well with set routines, so you need to get them on a specific routine as soon as possible.
  3. Get familiar with your child’s teachers and classes. It’s important to connect with the teachers your child is going to be interacting with for the rest of the year. Communicate with them on your child’s certain needs and struggles, make sure to establish an open channel of communication.
  4. Stay calm, it’ll get better. Those first couple of weeks can be difficult for the whole family, but it’s important to remember that the whole school year won’t be this way. As long as you all work hard to keep a routine and help your child acclimate to school as much as possible, it’ll most likely work out.

If you believe your child with anxiety and autism is really struggling in school, it may be time to seek out a professional for further guidance on how to help your child reach success.

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