Seven Stars: An Autism Boarding School for Indianapolis Teens

Seven Stars, an autism boarding school for teens aged 13-17, helps teens from Indianapolis overcome a variety of struggles stemming from neurodevelopmental disorders. Whether a child has officially been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder or not, Seven Stars can help them grow socially, emotionally, and academically. With its revolutionary approach that combines acute care stabilization with outdoor adventure therapy, residential treatment, and academic life, Seven Stars offers an unmatched experience to build the skills and confidence of teens struggling with a neurodevelopmental disorder. Autism Boarding School Indianapolis

Seven Stars offers an outcome-drive approach centered around positive psychology. Rather than focus on the past challenges, Seven Stars helps students find motivation to succeed. A personalized, strengths-based approach drives students to grow through understanding the logical consequences of their actions. In a world where our students often hear what they cannot do, Seven Stars helps show them that they can.

At Seven Stars, no two days are the same. A variety of state-of-the-art facilities including a gymnasium, classrooms, an art studio, fields, assessment centers, and many more, ensures that every student€™s needs are met in the most useful way possible. An individualized plan allows the Seven Stars to tailor the treatment program specifically to what a student requires. With the Seven Stars approach, teens with a neurodevelopmental disorder are guaranteed to have the time of their lives.

Although Seven Stars is located in Utah, we welcome students from all across the United States, including the Indianapolis area. Our picturesque campus allows true healing to occur in a safe environment. For more information, call 844-601-1167 today!

Stabilization and Assessment at Seven Stars

At Seven Stars, we strive to make the transition into the program as easy as possible. For some students, a higher level of initial stabilization may help the shift into Seven Stars. This optional stabilization period can last between several days and several weeks and is supervised by the Seven Stars treatment team.Autism Boarding School Indianapolis

Seven Stars€™ multidisciplinary approach allows our team to provide an assessment for a child€™s situation. A combination of a formal assessment with a functional assessment helps our team not only provide an accurate diagnosis using standardized measures, but also hone in on the particulars of the issue over time. This level of depth allows the team to develop a treatment for each student, rather than merely treating a disorder. The stabilization and assessment process helps every teen feel at home during their stay at Seven Stars. With its unique method, Seven Stars ensures that our students have an unforgettable experience.
Autism Boarding School Indiana

The Mission and Values of Seven Stars, an Autism Boarding School for Indianapolis Teens

Seven Stars, an autism boarding school for teens with a neurodevelopmental disorder, is the perfect residential treatment center for Indianapolis children. At Seven Stars, the focus is first and foremost on the students. Typically, a child€™s diagnosis is merely a label, with the real issues rarely following the €œtextbook€ symptoms and patterns. Therefore, Seven Stars focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of each student and what makes them tick, rather than simply treating a name. With this approach, Seven Stars ensures that every child struggling with a neurodevelopmental disorder can find the confidence and motivation to succeed. Our pledge to Indianapolis families is to always offer the highest level of care and professionalism in order to help your child reach their fullest potential. Autism Boarding School Indianapolis

Although our autism boarding school is located in the beautiful mountains of Utah, we help children from all around the country including Indianapolis gain the skills to achieve success. For more information, call 844-601-1167 today!

Learning from the Positives with Seven Stars

The autism boarding school at Seven Stars always stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the mental health industry. As such, we utilize positive psychology as our primary means of supporting a child on their therapeutic experience. Mental health experts agree that it is far more beneficial to expand on a person€™s strengths instead of preying on their weaknesses. Once a student€™s strengths are identified, our experienced staff forms a strategic plan to develop positive health characteristics. Autism Boarding School Indianapolis

At Seven Stars, we teach students what it means to be looked at in a positive way. By utilizing our personalized, strengths-based, mentoring approach, Seven Stars helps students understand the true extent of their abilities. With our therapeutic program, we never lower expectations for our students; instead, we help each child achieve greatness. Through Seven Stars, children with a neurodevelopmental disorder, a verbal or nonverbal learning disorder, or a similar issue can learn vital skills to help them on the way to the future.

The Seven Stars Model Helps Indianapolis Teens Succeed

At Seven Stars, an autism boarding school, we help Indianapolis teens suffering from a neurodevelopmental disorder find success through our unique approach. The Seven Stars model combines stabilization services (as necessary) with assessment, residential treatment, adventure therapy, and academics to guarantee a therapeutic experience that never gets boring. Perhaps the most important aspect of our approach, however, is the way we view our students. In a world, where it is only too often that our students focus on their failures, we build entirely on their successes and their existing strengths. Autism Boarding School Indianapolis

At Seven Stars, we believe in the values of:

  • Positive psychology
  • Family therapy & parent support
  • Self determination
  • Self awareness
  • Self efficacy
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Social thinking

By utilizing these strategies, our students begin to better adapt to the situations and individuals around them, learn to navigate their social skills, and recognize the various nuances of social interactions. With the Seven Stars approach, our students begin viewing themselves in relation to the world around them. Seeing the cause-and-effect of their actions on the world, allows our students to truly appreciate their significance as an individual.

Although Seven Stars is located in Utah, students from all across the United States, including Indianapolis, are welcome to apply. For more information, call 844-601-1167 today!

Seven Stars Helps Indianapolis Teens Try New Things

Many students entering the Seven Stars autism boarding school are firmly embedded in a routine. Often, this routine may be based on video games and technology replacing real-world interactions. Adherence to routines is frequently associated with various neurodevelopmental disorders and, depending on the situation, a child may be resistant to breaking out of the mold. To make matters worse, the longer this routine persists, the harder it may be to change in the future. Autism Boarding School Indianapolis

At Seven Stars, we provide a caring, supportive environment for your child to break free of their fear of trying new things. With our residential treatment, our students form friendships and deep bonds for many of our students, these are the first true friendships of their lives. Our classrooms offer an academic experience that motivates students to learn and makes new information fun. During adventure therapy, our students learn to participate in new activities such as rock climbing or canoeing. There is always something new and exciting about every activity at Seven Stars. With our approach, there is no such thing as €œroutine€.

For many of our students, a monotonous routine is one of the factors preventing progress. At Seven Stars, we gently guide Indianapolis teens out of their comfort zone.

Mental Health Statistics For Indianapolis Teens

Anxiety Disorder


Of teens struggle with an anxiety disorder

Eating Disorders


Of teens struggle with an eating disorder

Mental Health Care


Of teens with mental health needs do not receive care.

Indianapolis Mental Health Resources

Mental Health America of Indiana: Mental Health America of Indiana is a statewide organization committed to working  to promote the mental health of all Indiana citizens and to battle addiction and mental illness through advocacy, legislation reform, and public education. Their site features a calendar of events, many ways citizens can get involved, as well as resources for those looking for psychological or legal support.
Indiana Council : the Indiana Council of Community Mental Health Centers is a non-profit trade association that brings together mental health providers from all over the state of Indiana, and aims to make their services known to those in need of mental health and addiction support. Their site provides a wealth of resources on mental health topics, as well as a search engine that makes it easy to find mental health centers by location.
Autism Boarding School Indiana

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