Autism Boarding School for Hawaii Teens

Is your Hawaii child on the autism spectrum struggling with social and academic issues? Seven Stars, an autism boarding school for Hawaii teens ages 13-17, provides therapeutic assistance for Hawaii teens on the autism spectrum. Our autism boarding school helps Hawaii teens on the spectrum form positive habits that can help boost self-efficacy and self-awareness.

The unique model of our autism boarding school for Hawaii teens combines the best aspects of residential treatment, stabilization, and wilderness therapy. As an autism boarding school for Hawaii teens, we are built on a foundation of positive psychology. For us, it’s important to focus on our students’ strengths and not their weaknesses. From these strengths, we are able to build an individualized treatment plan.

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Seven Stars understands that deciding on an autism boarding school can be one of the most difficult decisions a family can make. Our team of professionals is here to help you understand if our autism boarding school is the best option for your Hawaii child.

Even though we are not located in Hawaii and instead in Utah, we work with teens and families from across the country Especially for teens on the spectrum, a bit of distance from home can be helpful for treatment. Our supportive, welcoming campus helps teenagers shed maladaptive behaviors while developing new, positive ways of being.

For more information about us, call 844-601-1167 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you promptly.

autism boarding school {State}
autism boarding school {State}

Getting Help At Our Autism Boarding School For Hawaii Teens

At our autism boarding school for struggling teens from Hawaii, we help teens and their families create comprehensive, individualized treatment plans. Our approach splits treatment into a combination of residential treatment programming, assessments, and outdoor adventure programming.

Throughout a student’s time at our program, there is a thorough assessment component where all Hawaii students receive comprehensive evaluations. The purpose of these evaluations is to understand the unique strengths that a Hawaii student has, instead of increasing their knowledge on challenges. From this, we use a strengths-based approach to continue to develop their strengths throughout their stay at our autism boarding school.

Hawaii students experience weeks of on-campus residential treatment and off-campus adventure therapy experiences. When students from Hawaii are on campus, they are in a home-like yet structured setting that blends school, therapy, and social activities.

During your child’s stay at our autism boarding school, you and your family will get regular updates as well as individualized multidisciplinary reports which highlight your child’s progress while at Seven Stars. The testing and assessments carried out throughout our program strongly informs the duration of treatment for each student. If necessary, at the end of your child’s experience at our autism boarding school, we provide recommendations for continued care and future treatment needs.

Our adventure activities programming helps students build important skills in a supportive environment. Through these adventure outings, teens from Hawaii relate the results of their own actions to the natural consequences that occur in the natural environment around them.

Who does Seven Stars help?

Seven Stars helps teens struggling with:

– Attention Deficit Disorder

– Issues succeeding academically.

– Family Problems

– School Refusal

– Trauma-related struggles.

– Issues making and keeping friends

– Generalized Anxiety Disorder

– Issues related to Autism

– Immaturity related to development

– Adoption and attachment related issues.

– Autism

– Learning-Related Challenges.

– Sensory Issues.

– Video Game Addiction

– Issues related to mood disorders.

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