Autism School Which Helps Nevada Teens

Seven Stars, an Autism school for Nevada teens, is a place where your child can find safety and support from our team of experts. Whether your Nevada teen is on the autism spectrum, suffers from difficulties socializing, or has a learning disorder, our Autism school is here to provide them with the necessary treatment. By using various forms of therapies, such as residential treatment and adventure outings, our Nevada teens get the best out of both worlds.

Although located in Utah and not in Nevada, we help teens from all over the country find success. Having a personalized program plan for your teen is the key to creating a successful therapeutic experience.

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To determine how best to support your child’s unique needs, we perform various examinations to get key information about their strengths and weaknesses. That way, Nevada teens in our Autism school are never overwhelmed. They get just the right amount of challenge so we can unlock their full potential. After finishing the therapy at our Autism school, Nevada teens will come out with more confidence and improved social skills. Thanks to our wilderness therapy, they will also learn how to collaborate with other people and how to be more independent.

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What Can Nevada Teens Expect from An Autism School?

Nevada teens on the autism spectrum struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges could benefit from attending an Autism school that will provide everything he or she needs to reach their fullest potential.

Seven Stars is based in Utah, but we help teens across the U.S. Often, getting treatment in a different environment than one’s everyday life can be especially successful.

We’ve joined various types of therapy together into one program to better serve the complex needs of each teen.

During their stay, Nevada teens visit scenic locations near our Autism school as part of our outdoor recreation program.

Our Autism school staff thoroughly examines every Nevada teen upon arrival to establish a mental and physical baseline. Our team makes a plan to fit your child’s needs based on all of the information gathered in the initial examination. We can provide a stabilization period if needed.

Teens will be a part of both traditional, on-campus therapy and experiential, adventure activities throughout their journey with us. While on campus, Nevada teens in our Autism school participate in academic and social activities and are supported by individual and group therapies. We use our initial assessment to determine how we should challenge the students to best help them reach their full potential.

Who does Seven Stars help?

Seven Stars helps teens struggling with:

– Level 1 Autism

– Immaturity related to development

– Anxiety

– Difficulties related to senses.

– Struggling with academic success.

– Adoption Issues

– Technology Addiction

– Learning Disorders.

– Refusing to go to school

– Challenges related to ADHD

– Autism Spectrum Disorder

– Mood Disorders

– Issues related to trauma.

– Difficulties communicating with others

– Family Problems

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