Aspergers School Which Helps Montana Teens

Seven Stars, an Aspergers school for Montana teens, is a place where your child can find safety and support from our team of experts. Finding successful treatment methods for teens on the autism spectrum can be challenging, so we’re here to help. Using a variety of therapies, like residential treatment and adventure outings, our Montana teens are treated using the most successful methods available.

Although not located in Montana and instead in Utah, we help teenagers across the country become the best versions of themselves. We create a specific plan for each student, based on their particular needs.

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To determine how best to support your child’s unique needs, we perform various examinations to get key information about their strengths and weaknesses. We want Montana teens in our Aspergers school to feel in control of their actions and know they are fully capable of good decision making. Faced with challenging situations, students will uncover the best version of themselves. After finishing the therapy at our Aspergers school, Montana teens will come out with more confidence and improved social skills. Thanks to our wilderness therapy, they will also learn how to collaborate with other people and how to be more independent.

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What Can Montana Teens Expect from An Aspergers School?

If your Montana teen on the autism spectrum needs help, our Aspergers school is a great place to start.

Although Seven Stars is located in Utah and not in Montana, we provide services to children across the United States. Many parents find that sending their child away from home to receive treatment can promote personal growth.

Seven Stars developed a program that combines several therapeutic models into one so that our students can benefit from each one.

Montana teens will participate in trips to national parks and other scenic locations near our Aspergers school, as we find a change of scenery often helps encourage students to get out of their comfort zone.

Our Aspergers school staff thoroughly examines every Montana teen that we admit in order to get a clear picture of their physical health and their intellectual, emotional, and social skills. This way, we can craft a personalized curriculum that fits the individual’s needs. For teens that need some time to settle, we provide a period of stabilization that can last a couple of weeks.

Teens will be a part of both traditional, on-campus therapy and experiential, adventure activities throughout their journey with us. Our Aspergers school provides academic instruction and socialization opportunities to students in a safe, supportive environment. We use our initial assessment to determine how we should challenge the students to best help them reach their full potential.

Who does Seven Stars help?

Seven Stars helps teens struggling with:

– Depression

– Level 1 Autism

– Feelings of Anxiety

– Refusing to go to school


– Adoption and attachment related issues.

– Struggling with academic success.

– Family Conflict

– Issues with developmental immaturity

– Issues related to trauma.

– Difficulties related to senses.

– Autism

– Social Difficulties

– Learning Disorders.

– Online Addiction

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