Autism School Which Helps Missouri Teens

If your Missouri child needs a safe place to receive therapeutic treatment, they are welcome at Seven Stars, an Autism school for struggling teens. Finding successful treatment methods for teens on the autism spectrum can be challenging, so we’re here to help. By using various forms of therapies, such as residential treatment and adventure outings, our Missouri teens get the best out of both worlds.

Although located in Utah and not in Missouri, we help teens from all over the country find success. Since we believe that every child is unique, we design an individual approach for each of our students.

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A wide range of tests and examinations are performed to give us all the information we need to challenge our students on an academic and social level. Feeling safe and supported is crucial to the treatment process. Faced with challenging situations, students will uncover the best version of themselves. Upon completing the therapy at our Autism school, Missouri teens will have hope for the future and a greater understanding of themselves. Wilderness therapy instills the courage needed to help students learn to navigate social situations more effectively.

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What Can Missouri Teens Expect from An Autism School?

Missouri teens on the autism spectrum struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges could benefit from attending an Autism school that will provide everything he or she needs to reach their fullest potential.

Although Seven Stars is not located in Missouri, we provide services to teens throughout the country. For many students, leaving home prompts a new outlook and makes receiving treatment easier and less intimidating.

We’ve joined various types of therapy together into one program to better serve the complex needs of each teen.

While off campus, Missouri teens get to enjoy outdoor activities on beautiful locations near our Autism school, learn to cooperate with other students and be more independent.

Our Autism school staff thoroughly examines every Missouri teen upon arrival to establish a mental and physical baseline. This way, we can craft a personalized curriculum that fits the individual’s needs. If your teen needs some time to adjust to the new environment, we can create a safe space for them to do so.

Teens will be a part of both traditional, on-campus therapy and experiential, adventure activities throughout their journey with us. While on campus, Missouri teens in our Autism school participate in academic and social activities and are supported by individual and group therapies. We use our initial assessment to determine how we should challenge the students to best help them reach their full potential.

Who does Seven Stars help?

Seven Stars helps teens struggling with:

– Autism

– Adoption and attachment related issues.

– Learning Issues.

– Difficulties communicating with others

– Challenges related to ADHD

– Technology Addiction

– Depression

– Issues with developmental immaturity

– Academic failure.

– Trauma-related struggles.

– School Refusal

– Sensory Issues.

– Generalized Anxiety Disorder

– Issues related to Autism

– Dysfunction within the Family

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