Defining Autism Therapy

Autism therapy is designed to decrease the behavioral and developmental issues that come with autism and autism spectrum disorders. Its purpose is to make a better, more independent life for individuals with autism. Autism therapy is usually designed to fit each individual person’s needs and usually begins in early childhood.

As a developmental disorder that lasts throughout a person’s life, autism is diagnosed based on a myriad of behavioral symptoms which include specific interests, repetitive and/or obsessive behaviors, and unusual reactions to sensory stimulation.

Autism Therapy Seven StarsThe most effective means of bettering an autistic child’s quality of life is to start therapy as soon as it is detected within children. Most children with autism benefit from therapy, and some may even gain enough skills by going to therapy to assimilate into a traditional school. The most effective therapies focus on developing the social, cognitive, and communication skills of autistic children and teens.

Seven Stars and Autism Therapy

Seven Stars assists adolescents, ages 13 through 17, with autism and other autism spectrum disorders, amongst other issues. It identifies the strengths of every student with Autism Therapy. With every phase of the program at Seven Stars –  residential treatment and adventure therapy, each individual’s personal needs are taken into account. For autistic students, therapy is carried out throughout the program. Seven Star strives to drive students to success through continual learning and growth.


In a 2012 autism therapy study, researchers found that group cognitive behavioral therapy improved the symptoms of autism within their sample size. Within a group of 20 children, 50 percent showed more sociable behavior after being treated in a group setting as opposed to the 8.7 percent in a group of 23 being treated as usual. This demonstrates the power of the group setting for autistic children. At Seven Stars, a group setting is emphasized in order to better the social skills of students.

Contemporary Articles

Companies like SAPSpecialisterne, and Aspiritech are beginning to hire people on the autism spectrum.

“We hire people in spite of autism and because of autism,” said Jose Velasco, head of SAP’s Autism at Work program in the U.S. “It’s not a disability play; it’s a skills play.”

According to Velasco, because autistic employees have to ability to concentrate on repetitive tasks for long periods, have superior attention to detail, communicate honestly, and bring new perspectives to the workplace, employers are utilizing those traits to their competitive advantage.

Autism therapy at a young age can help autistic people succeed in the workplace. Programs like Seven Stars utilize it to improve the quality of life of autistic adolescents and improve the possibility of a successful career.

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